Welcome to Madison Central School District 39-2

District Mission Statement: To educate all students to fully achieve their personal and academic potential as lifelong learners skilled in communication, problem solving, and global responsibility.

Comments from Superintendent Vince Schaefer

Dear Madison Central Parents, Students & Staff:

School year 2015-16 is quickly approaching with the official start of the school year being August 24th with the open house opportunity at all three levels. We offer the open house event to increase the comfort level for students and families as well as to increase the opportunity for communication between students, parents and the staff of Madison Central Schools. Classes for all will begin on Tuesday August 25th with a full day of school along with bus service and hot lunch available.

Registration of all students will be held on August 11th & 12th from the hours of 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. each day at the Middle School/High School lunchroom. All are asked to enter the building from 11th street and park in the lots available on the north side of the building. All students will have their school pictures taken during registration with several cameras available to help speed the process. Parents are reminded that immunization records and copies of birth certificates are required to be on file within the district. In-coming new students and all Kindergarten students must provide these documents upon enrolling into the district.

The district continues to take steps to strengthen the curriculum and the quality of instruction available to all of our students. Members of our teaching staff volunteer to work closely with Diana Tyler, Curriculum Director, to determine materials will be purchased and implemented during school year. Both curriculum content and the teaching style continues to evolve in hopes of finding ways that allows all learning styles to progress academically. The district has a seven year curriculum review/replacement cycle that is focused on keeping the district’s curriculum materials and resources current in the very competitive world of education. Career & Technology Education courses and experiences have been a big change at the high school level. Many of our students are now earning course credit for high school graduation and technical school credit at the same time. Concurrent credits are also being earned in several courses by students planning on pursuing college or university level education after high school.

Building security and safety are topics that are often heard at all levels. Madison Central has in place security cameras, automatically locking doors and specific methods of entry to all school buildings. At times this is frustrating and difficult to manage but it has to be done to provide a safe and secure teaching and learning environment. The district continues to seek grant dollars to expand the use of security equipment in our school buildings.

Parents are reminded to provide phone numbers and email addresses during the registration process so we can notify family’s when a “School Reach” announcement or a “list serve” message has to be sent out. If the district does not have the current information it is impossible to be accurate in communicating necessary messages throughout the year.

The new bus garage is projected to be completed on August 15th and ready for use. This means that all of the districts buses and small vehicles will be located in and near the new garage on the north side of 11th street. The old bus garage will be removed and that space will be turned into much needed parking space. The additional 75-100 spaces will be a timely addition as parking on 11th street will be limited to only one side in the near future due to changes being made by the city.

In closing, we at the district office and the board of education wish all students and parents nothing but the very best as we approach school year 2015-16! We are here to serve and support you all so please feel free to stop in or contact us. Being able and willing to communicate and build relationships are vital and essential to a school of quality. It is our goal to continue to effectively develop relationships as we work as a team in providing the best educational opportunity possible for our students.

Yours in education,

Vince Schaefer
Madison Central School District Superintendent